Bon Future Fund, Inc. | Investing In The Higher Education Of Bon Children

Partnerships & Donations

How to make a difference

Supporting the higher education needs of Bon children can happen through various means such as direct donation via mail, on-line or through stocks, purchase of our unique prayer flags and greeting cards.

Start by learning more. Our friends at the have a sponsorship program for the young children, nuns, monks and elderly within and surrounding the Menri Monastery community in Dolanji, India. Please visit their site for more information. Learning more about the Bon people through our site and from the many more we list is a wonderful way to begin a journey of the heart. Despite such profound adversity, The Bon people continue to cultivate the virtues of compassion, maintaining a Spiritual heritage that honors that we are meant to live and love consciously as a conduit of the Divine Mother. We in the West, have so much we can give, as well as so much wisdom we need to receive.

All contributions made to the Bon Future Fund are tax deductible and specifically go to support the higher education of Bon children. Your tax-deductible contribution provides the necessary means by which a student can pursue and fulfill their utmost potential as a fully contributing member to their community and to the world as a whole. Financial assistance for higher education provides a young Bon child with a sense of trust, hope and the possibility to envision a positive future for the welfare of all.

To make a general donation to support the Bon Future Fund, you may make an online donation or fill out our support form and mail it in with your donation.

Checks can be sent to:

Bon Future Fund
19921 Little Bear Creek Road
Woodinville WA 98072

Donate Stocks or Other Securities. The donation of stocks allows you to receive a full tax deduction of their current value even if they have risen in value since their original purchase price. This avoids having to pay capital gains taxes and allows you to support the Bon Future Fund. For more information regarding stock transfers, please use our online contact form.

Purchase a set of the baby tee shirt prayer flags as a shower gift! Go to our merchandise page for more information. Give a donation as a gift for birthdays, weddings, holidays or other special occasions. You will be amazed at the response people will give you for such a unique and conscientious gift. We would be happy to include a note card with an explanation of the purpose of the Bon Future Fund and how this gift benefits so many.

Honor the memory of a loved one by giving to the Bon Future Fund in their name. Investing in a future generation is a profound way of recognizing and honoring the passing of a loved one. For information about donating in memory of a loved one, please contact us using our online contact form.