Bon Future Fund, Inc. | Investing In The Higher Education Of Bon Children

About The Fund


The Bon Future Fund provides financial assistance to eligible students to earn a degree or trade. Selection criteria for funds to be dispersed are:

  1. Bon children who have completed schooling through 10th grade
  2. Live in India at the Menri Monastery or the surrounding village
  3. Desire higher education and lack the funds to do so


  1. Special projects related to Bon children’s educational or life sustaining needs, living in above listed areas

Several examples of higher education opportunities for Bon students are:

  • Varanasi University, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath
  • Varanasi University Pradesh, in the Bon Section, studying Tibetan
  • Philosophy and Sanskrit
  • The Bon Dialectic School at Menri Monastery, Ochghat, Solan, H.P. 173223 India
  • Retna Menling, the Nunnery school
  • The Craft Center at Menri for the advanced study of Incense making, Thangka making and painting, wood-working, rug-weaving and other sacred art
  • Computer training, technical training at The Mall Solan, H.P. 173212
  • Individual apprenticeship programs in sacred and ceremonial arts

You can ensure that a Bon child is able to enjoy a higher education and contribute to the cultural survival of the Bon as a whole by partnering with the Bon Future Fund through a number of creative means. Click here to partner with or donate to the Bon Future Fund.

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